Reiniger SC 500ml/1pc

Delivery time 1-2 weeks Reiniger SC 500ml/1pc

Packaging size: Aerosol can, 500 ml

Cleaner to remove emission deposits during maintenance and repair of moulds.

During plastics processing, deposits develop on the tool and may impair the quality of moulded parts.

These deposits are decomposition products of plastics or the contained additives such as stabilisers, flame-retardant additives, static inhibitors and propellants.

The formation of deposits is even accelerated by a high melt temperature and poor tool ventilation.

Reiniger SC contains highly active solvents in a concentrated form and removes these emission deposits of most available plastics.

Due to its highly concentrated form, Reiniger SC is especially suitable for cleaning dismantled and cooled tools manually.

Ejector guides are not impaired as greases are not released.

In multiphase processes to remove rust from, clean and preserve moulds and clamping plates, Reiniger SC is the second step to remove polymer residue and carbonised greases.

Reiniger SC contains no highly volatile solvents, is soluble in water and biodegradable.

This product is also available as 10-litre plastic canister.

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