Delivery Information

1)    EDMESHOP.COM commits to deliver your ordered goods, after a payment, to the address indicated on your order.
2)    All the purchased goods will be delivered within the period of time and for the price specified in the e-shop separately for each country. The goods will be delivered through courier companies.
3)    Delivery of goods that are out of stock lasts for the period of time specified on the product card, adding the period of time specified in the e-shop separately for each country. The Seller informs the Buyer about the exact date of delivery by sending him an e-mail to his specified address.
4)    Even though we strive to deliver goods within the specified period of time, delivery dates are not guaranteed, because parcels are managed by third parties.
5)    In all cases the Seller shall be released from responsibility for late delivery of Goods if failure to deliver the Goods or their delayed delivery is caused by the Buyer himself/herself or due to circumstances controlled by the Buyer.
6)    If delivery of the Goods is delayed more than 10 (ten) workdays not on Buyer’s fault or circumstances controlled by him/her and the Parties hereto fail to agree on extension of Goods delivery term or replacement of the Goods with analogous Goods or other Goods offered on the Online Store, the Buyer shall have the right to withdraw from the Contract (upon notice to the Seller to Online Store’s e-mail, and the Seller hereby undertakes to repay the money paid in advance by the Buyer (if the payment was made) within 14 (fourteen) calendar days from Contract withdrawal. The money shall be credited to the bank account which the payment was made from or to another Buyer’s account provided in Buyer’s notification of Contract withdrawal.
7)    After you sign a consignment note, the parcel is considered to have been transferred (delivered) properly.
8)    The Buyer must immediately inform the Seller if goods came in a damaged package, if goods that were not ordered were sent in the parcel, incorrect quantity of goods was sent or they came incomplete. The Buyer must e-mail photos of the damaged parcel and/or the goods to the Seller to
9)    Prices and delivery terms for Buhem products and parcels that weigh above 31 kg are calculated for each order individually, and the Buyer is informed thereof by e-mail.
10)    In the case of supply of goods to non-EU countries, an additional customs duty of 17,50 EUR shall apply for each product group. The fee is charged to the transport price.
11)    Parcels that weigh up to 31.0 kg are subject to prices and delivery terms:  Delivery_price.pdf